The Screams can be heard in a Kirk Weiler YouTube video by turning up the volume and shooting everyone in your house until they are quiet. These screams are believed to be of Maxwell the Lego Fan's after he is ready for his next meal of 3 2x2 Lego pieces. These screams are muffled because Maxwell is locked in the basement. Kirk waits until after his video is done, then goes into his basement where he feeds Maxwell. His mouth bleeds, but it's all he has. Although Maxwell does not enjoy this, Kirk looks him in the eyes and says "pause the video if you need to, daddy." Many historians believed this to be a part of the Weiler-Lego Fan Affair. Till this day Maxwell suffers from extreme Androphobia, which is the fear of men. Every night, Kirk puts on his red, button down shirt with a nice pair of khakis and harasses Maxwell until he is done eating.

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