Le pause

The Pause™ is a scientific anomaly which occurs in Kirk Weiler's videos. When Kirk is finished with a particular problem and prepares to clear his work from the screen, he takes a moment to allow students to write down what he has written, often adding "pause the video now if you need to." What follows, as pictured to the right, is what is known as The Pause™. Kirk smiles and stares deep into the lens of his camera, as if looking through it and into the mind of the student. The Pause™ is one of Kirk's most used spells. In a few cases, The Pause™ has been known to induce a hypnotic trance in those who watch it for too long. According to eMath legend, if you need to pause the video, but don't, Kirk will pop out of the screen and help you with the math. Popular WeiLore states that if observed for too long, The Pause™ can cause satanic hallucinations in the mind of the student.

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