The Insignia is Kirk Weiler's universal symbol. It can be found in the introductions of his video math lessons, in the corners of his physical writings, and on his eMathInstruction website. The version of the Insignia present in Kirk's videos is cobalt blue, with accented red dots. The shape of the Insignia is believed to represent a convergence of all the people of the world around the videos of Kirk Weiler. Archeologists are rumored to have found this symbol in the depths of caves, and renowned astronaut Buzz Aldrin claimed to have seen the Insignia carved into the surface of the moon.

¨Imagine our universe´s timeline as a point on a line. These lines form the fifth dimension. Our cluster of universes forms a pattern exactly lined up with this insignia. It is said that at the end of our timeline, Kirk will pause/paused (remember time is irrelevant in the fifth dimension), to arrange the universes into this shape, as a warning to any and all invaders. It will hold this shape for all of eternity.¨

- Rikk Eilrew, Space Peacekeeper Grand Minister, prior to TDMD.

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