This sign has only been found in the mountain of Mount Igikpak, deep within an ancient cave, recorded to be before Pangaea. Many people who have touched this sign have either disappeared or died.

Many natives, the Weilwers, believe that this is the sign to summon the ancient God known as The Kirksus. Ancients summoned this God to learn difficult math equations.

A fun fact, the Weilwers are seen to possibly be the first users of The Kirk-Tee.

Gate of Kirk

This sign was used during cold nights, and during long dark winters to bring light and warmth to the Weilwers.

Before the natives of this ancient mountain village found this new, powerful God, Kirksus, they would die at rapid rates due to sickness, the cold or the lack of mathematical knowledge.

Ancient philosophers believe this to be one of the first gates, Gate 001.

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