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Kirk is a nerd and also god. this is a little known fact. He is responsible for the creation of the universe, as well as many other events such as the establishing of eMathInstruction. Another significant achievement is he married the legendary Victor Teng, he who could not be woo-d. kirk also has an absolutely massive cock which he uses to slay his enemies.

¨Keep thinking, keep solving problems. If you don't, I will eradicate you.¨

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Early Life: Kirk was never born, he just appeared and is actually black and gay. He hides this fact to seem legit even though he smokes dogs and enjoyed his life by himself

. he decided he was lonely in the universe, so he Created the great force known as ALGEBRA. He used ALgebra to create all other thIngs, like memes. It was found that the only other foRcE in the universe in that time was Danny DeVito and an epic fight raged between them.

Kirk is also the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and many other religions' one god. He was responsible for the birth of Jesus. eMath enlightened Mary and her will to teach the ways of algebra was so strong that Kirk had no choice but to yeet a baby at her. However, he yeeted it so hard that it also created Reverse Jesus. Just as Jesus made blind men see, Reverse Jesus made seeing men blind. He could also make walking men crippled and made wine into water. He was a bit of a buzzkill at parties. However, in the epic battle of the Ten Commandments, Jesus destroyed Reverse Jesus, but not before losing his own life. When he was 'reincarnated' on Easter, it was actually Kirk Weiler puppeteering his body from space. he also jas dabbled in the pornography industry

The only being known to be more powerful than Kirk Weiler is Shrek and his powerful companions.

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