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"Captain" Kirk Weiler is a math teacher, wizard, and a mate to many. He is well-known for his critically


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acclaimed series of YouTube videos. Designed to accompany his physical writings, these videos, created under the alias "eMathInstruction" have shaped students' minds for generations. He lived near La Grangeville, New York for some time. By the time of his marriage at 27 with acclaimed legend Victor Teng, Kirk had attained a master's degree in agricultural engineering, and was currently in the process of obtaining a master's in mathematics education. They also adopted their loving daughter Jeffree Star in 2003. Kirk may have received his gift for teaching from his parents, Nancy and William Weiler, who were professors at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston. He is most likely the birth giver to gay men. Although he has many ties to the physical world, his existence is disputed. His separation from reality is evidenced by his use of the eMath Equation to summon the TI-84 calculator and his signature spell, the pause. He is one of the few remaining humans with the ability to summon gatesHowever, real or not, he is a legend in the eyes of those who live by his teachings. His exact fate beyond The day the Math Died is unknown, yet many assume he is alive in the forbidden zone after escaping Earth. He was briefly replaced by James Charles. He then went on to meet ching's big bing bong reality show and then escaped to Naboo, where he met Mace Windu. After meeting Mace Windu, he was found to be force sensitive, which is uncommon around older species of any kind. He then married Padme, and had 2 beautiful children with her, without Anakin knowing.

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