Summary Kirk 386, sometimes dubbed, 98Ɛ ʞɹᴉʞ, is a tridimensional being, traveling through the many gates and Time Rifts as he pleases. He seeks to revive the physical embodiment of Kirksus, planning to use his power for the conquering of the Heteromniverse. Many believe he is the cause of The Day The Math Died, shutting off Kirk from Earth to steal the entity of Kirksus from his rightful owner, Kirk Weiler.

Kirk 386 is known to record his dirty deeds in his own personal memoir of sins known as The Abyss. The Abyss contains many secrets to dark matter, even surpassing the knowledge of Kirk Weiler. He even used his spell to destroy the home planet of Lucas, Neo Mexico. Kirk 386 is said to be the true mastermind behind The Forbidden Zone creating it with the snap of his fingers. Many have tried to approximate his power level, only to be killed instantly, their notes all lead to the same place INFINITY/0.

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