The June 2016 Common Core Algebra II Regents was a standardized New York State test, intended as the final chapter in the odyssey of Kirk's Common Core Algebra II course. In late May of 2016, subscribers of the eMathInstruction YouTube channel received a surprise broadcast from Kirk himself, who, one can infer, was trapped in an underground bunker due to the low resolution of the video. He is heard saying that "math takes a lot of effort, and it takes a lot of patience," and throughout the video continues to provide helpful motivation to his followers.

As the test progressed, Kirk, acting as the math equivalent of a teenage girl, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on tough questions from the test. The exam itself included questions involving DJs vs. live bands, parabolic curves, and imaginary numbers.

As rumors continue to swirl about the test following the event itself, many have suggested that it was designed to identify and select delegates to execute the second coming of Kirk as World Emperor. In late June, Kirk reported to his Twitter followers that the grading curve for the exam is "very kind" with only "25 points out of 86" needed to pass. This manner of grading truly demonstrates Kirk's role as a benevolent and forgiving deity.

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